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Causes and solutions of problems in connector injection molding production


First, the main causes of depression:

1. The large gate is designed to solidify first, which can not cover the area and shrink; Materials shall be properly ***ed to reduce meat thickness, gate size shall be increased to facilitate plastic filling, and gate shall be designed in areas with slightly larger meat thickness.

2. Improper setting of forming conditions (pressure maintaining measurement); The pressure holding pressure and time shall be increased (not too much).

3. Improper product design, resulting in serious depression; The meat thickness shall be average, and the reinforcement strength shall be less than the wall thickness.

Second, the reason for poor gloss:

1. Damaged mold or poor grinding; The mirror surface shall be polished with chrome plated or titanium sandpaper.

2. The material temperature or mold temperature is too low; Proper material temperature and mold temperature should be ***ed to improve gloss.

Third, the cause of burning:

1. Poor exhaust and excessive gas content of plastics; The shooting speed should be reduced to strive for the gas discharge time, the die kernel should be divided, the exhaust slot should be added, and the two-stage die locking should be low-pressure exhaust first and then high-pressure die locking.

Fourth, the reason for color mixing:

1. The product emits friction belt and electrostatic dust; The storage basket shall be installed to remove static electricity.

2. The processing oil stain is not cleared, and the machine environment is polluted; Clean the mold oil stain, the environment and the machine.

3. The plastic is mixed during drying and crushing; Pay attention to the same color of plastic as possible between the machine and the surrounding.

Fifth, the reason for mold core deformation:

1. Corepine is too long and lacks strength; The product shall be designed to prevent the length width ratio of die core from being greater than 5.

2. The measurement and pressure holding is too large; The conditions shall be adjusted according to the ejection of the product.

3. Bending caused by glue line; Move the glue bonding line to the area with high strength and increase the cold charging well.

Sixth, the reason of glue line:

1. The glue line formed by multi-point glue feeding or the situation that cannot be prevented; Increase the thickness temperature or pressure in the glue line area, move the gate, move the glue line and unimportant areas, and install overflow wells to reduce the glue phenomenon.

Seventh, reasons for unsmooth demoulding:

1. The product / mold design is improper, and the front end is too pressed during injection, which is not easy to eject; Add meat thickness to reduce injection pressure, gate and thimble.

2. The ejection system is unbalanced, resulting in ejection and die sticking; The overall configuration shall be considered, and thimbles shall be installed on both sides of the deep material area.

3. The parting line is not designed properly, the mother mold is stuck and cannot be demoulded; A large part of the product shall be designed on the male mold.

4. The mold core is damaged or the amount of component is not enough to form a hair head and affect the demoulding; The mould shall be checked and corrected.

5. The dead corner formed by the die text is not easy to form demoulding; Grinding and polishing, setting thimble, design to prevent in the demoulding direction.

6. The ejector cannot operate smoothly, and the ejector pin is broken; Thimble assembly should not be careless "no haste, be patient".

Eighth, the reason for the short shot phenomenon:

1. The meat thickness of the product is uneven, forming a thin area, abnormal activity, and short shot in serious cases; The meat thickness shall be averaged as much as possible in the design.

2. The activities of each acupoint in multimode acupoint are uneven; The size of the equalizing flow channel is calculated by die flow analysis.

3. The specification of outgoing line does not match; Measure the machine according to the size of the product.

4. Lack of plastic activity; Adjust the temperature and injection pressure to improve (refueling).

5. Short shot due to poor exhaust; Increase the exhaust slot and reduce the firing speed.

IX. causes of warpage and deformation:

1. The meat thickness of the product is uneven, resulting in great difference in shrinkage; Average meat thickness, balanced activity and reduced ejection pressure.

2. The product meat is too thin or the activity is too long, resulting in difficult activity and excessive residual stress; Design formability (e.g. / T ratio)

3. Improper design of mold temperature cooling system, large temperature difference between male and female mold, different shrinkage on both sides, forming warpage; The cooling configuration design shall be, parameter control (temperature / flow rate).

4. The ejection position is unbalanced. For products with difficult demoulding, deformation occurs after ejection; Ejector equalization, gate and holding area are large, and ejector pins are added in the area.

Tenth, the reason for hairiness:

1. Improper product / mold design leads to too high injection pressure and insufficient mold locking force of the machine, resulting in the failure of mold sealing and hairiness; Increase the meat thickness / average meat thickness, carefully *** the plastic / L T ratio, and improve the speed machine / low pressure and high speed.

2. The strength of the die is not enough, the die is deformed during injection, the die cannot be tightly closed, and the high-temperature die is easy to occur; Calculate the pressure to design the die size, increase the die reinforcement design, such as auxiliary column, and use low shrinkage and high strength steel.

3. The plastic has good mobility but slow solidification, and the fine gap can also produce hair; The requirement of mold precision is high, the temperature of plastic mold is reduced, and the injection pressure is reduced.



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